#Rolla-Kake fra 1948

This #recipe was born long time ago and was published by Nina Thiis in 1940s. However (and this is very interesting) I have google Rolla-Kake, and found nothing! I hope now, as I have published this, it will find some place in Google engine :)

This cake is VERY tasty, but it is very SWEET as well. So if you are the one who loves sorbet better than #vanilla and #chocolate ice-cream - this cake may be just "too much" for you.

What is good about this one? First, it is gluten free by nature as there is no flour in it. Second, it is a heaven for you who loves meringue and chocolate!

What is challenging about it? Just one thing - a bit time consuming! But don't be scared of the complexity of how it looks like, because it is NOT hard to make. Let's start?

You will need:

For meringue layers

3 eggs

100 g white sugar

100 g #icing sugar

1 tea spoon starch

1 tea spoon fresh lemon juice

For cream

2 egg whites

125 g sugar

250 g unsolted butter

50 g dark chocolate

50 g cacao powder

To make #meringue

1. Mix icing sugar and starch

2. Add a pinch of salt into egg whites

3. Start whipping egg whites slowly and add sugar little by little. Mix 2-3 minutes

4. Start adding icing sugar, one spoon after another. Remember not to stop your mixer during the whole process!

5. Whip until hard picks and your mixture is not running

6. Stop your mixer and add lemon juice, mix well but quickly.

7. Warm up your oven to 180C

8. Make three "pancakes" on the baking paper of meringue mixture you have just made. Try to make them equal in their size and thickness. I have used pastry bag.

9. Change the temperature in your oven to 90C - 100C (depending on how crafty your oven is. Mine is new and crafty, so I use 90C) and bake meringues for 1,5 hours. Take it out of the oven and cool in the room temperature.


Do not use higher than 100C temperature in the oven as your meringue can become light brown which is not as nice as white white one :) . Use good time to make your meringue mixture properly hard. Use large eggs. Do not mix the order of the actions in the recipe.

To make #cream

1. Warm up egg whites and sugar (I used water bath). I have warmed it up as much as it was needed for sugar to loose.

2. Whip your egg whites and sugar until the mixture is cool and makes hard picks.

3. Butter should be of room temperature. Whip it until it is soft and white

4. Warm up the chocolate so it is loose and cool til the room temperature

5. Mix egg whites, butter, chocolate and cacao powder together.

Your cream is ready!

For decoration

#Strawberries, chocolate and any kind of nuts you love

Build your #cake - one layer of meringue, cream, #nuts. Same for next layer.

Decorate with strawberries and the chocolate on the top.

It #tastes very good right away but even better after some hours in the fridge.

Tips: Warm up your knife when you cut the piece of cake :)