Fine Apple pie with almonds. Without four and milk (organically gluten and lactose free!)

Cooking time : 40 min

I was very skeptic to this recipe initially but decided to give it a try and never regret!

It is organically gluten and lactose free as there is no either flour or milk in it. Another thing which made me worry is that I had to add egg plums and whipped egg whites into the warm apples... I was challenged! I insist you try this apple pie if you actually like apple pies :)

For for 6 -8 persons pie you will need:

8 big apples

Cinnamon 1 tea spoon

Almonds 50g

6 eggs

Butter 100g

sugar (use your taste!) I have used a little bit of brown sugar.

If you use a sweet sort of apples, it will be enough for many of you who prefers less sweet pies.

Peel apples and cut them in small pieces. Cook them with butter, cinnamon and sugar. When apples are soft, add whipped egg plums and mix well with the wooden spoon. Add gently whipped egg whites and mix gently. Warm up your oven till 170C and bake 25 min.

You can serve it warm or cold, with or without whipped cream.


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